The Pathfinder Year - 97 Squadron at Bourn
The Pathfinder Year - 97 Squadron at Bourn
Walter Bushby
Des and Dennis
Joan Beech's book has some marvellous chapters on Bourn and what life was like there in 1943-44. Though out of print, it is well worth tracking down.
Right: John Hill - MT Driver

Below with tankers, L-R: Paddy, unknown, Maurice Dring, unknown - note the really intersting glimpse in the background of Lancs being worked on

John Hill worked on all sorts of jobs, including driving an ambulance, a fire engine, the armoury tractors, and the trucks for ablutions. He was attached to the armourers for two months and remembers what hard work that was, taking out the trolleys and collecting them up again when they were empty.
"If ops were scrubbed, we had to de-bonmb the planes, go out and pick all the bombs up again, and of course they were all fused by then."