The Pathfinder Year - 97 Squadron at Bourn
5th May 1943
Crew Reilly

23rd June 1943
Crew Armstrong

29th June 1943
Crew Seward

25th June 1943
Crew Moore

9th July 1943
Crew Palmer

30th July 1943
Crew Marks
Crew Shnier

11th August 1943
Baker Crew

Covington Crew

24th August 1943
Chatten Crew

28th August 1943
Robertson Crew

31st August 1943
Burns Crew

24th September 1943
Fletcher Crew
Crew Stevenson

4th October 1943
Brown (Kenneth) Crew

22nd October 1943
HCU Training Loss
Taylor Crew

18/19 November
Johnson Crew

22/23 November
Munro Crew
McEgan Crew

23/24 November
Penny Crew

25/26 November
Brown (Carlos) Crew

2/3 December
Garlick Crew

3/4 December
Coleman Crew

16/17 December
Black Thursday

1st January
Crew Mooney

14th January
Crew Steven

29th January
Crew Wilson

30th January
Crew Hart
Crew Clarke

21st February
Crew Emerson

19th March
Crew Callan

22nd March
Crew Cooper
Crew Moroney

31st March
Crew Hyde

97 Squadron Aircrew Losses April 1943-44

Crews will be added to this list as their details come in and as time permits. The list is organised by date, there will be an alphabetic cross-reference list later on.