CREW: Geoffrey Charles Bucknell, Leonard Barlow, Leslie Bernard Daitz, Ronald McAllister, Rodney James, George Clifford Dyke, Leslie Desmond Farmer        

97 Squadron Aircrew after Bourn - CONINGSBY

Shot down 6th August 1944, entire crew killed except for Rodney James (see below)

Pilot: Geoffrey Charles Bucknell        
F/E: Leonard Barlow        
Nav: Leslie Bernard Daitz        
AB: Ronald McAllister        
Vis A/B: Rodney James        
W/op: George Clifford Dyke
MU/G: Leslie Desmond Farmer        

For the Rodney James Website page on this crew, see

Rodney James

James was the sole  survivor of the shooting down. He managed to get back to England after some amazing adventures. To see his escape and evasion report on the website set up by his son Christopher James, follow this link: