CREW: Robert Arthur Leader, RCAF,        Ernest Dennis Rosenberg, Arthur Robert Candy, Christopher Highton, Samuel James Ross Lewis, Dennis Henry Tupman, Joseph Frederick Coulson

97 Squadron Aircrew after Bourn - 635 Sqd at Downham Market

LANCASTER: JB470 F2-M        
Flying from Downham Market, 635 Squadron. Lost 11th April 1944, entire crew killed.

Pilot: P/O Robert Arthur Leader, RCAF                
Flight Engineer: Sgt Ernest Dennis Rosenberg        
Navigator: F/O Arthur Robert Candy        
Bomb Aimer: F/Sgt Christopher Highton        
W/Op: F/Sgt Samuel James Ross Lewis                
Mid-Upper Gunner:: Sgt Dennis Henry Tupman        
Rear Gunner: Sgt Joseph Frederick Coulson

Two pictures of Ernie Rosenberg
The aircraft was shot down by a German night-fighter on the way home from the target, Aachen. The crash is timed at 23.15 hrs, and was at Roosendaal-en-Nispen near Meirestraat behind a farm called "Zwaanhoef". The hit was claimed by the ubiquitous Obit Wolfgang Schnaufer, based at St Trond, Belgium.
Leader, the pilot, is buried at Bergen-op-Zoom Canadian war cemetery, the rest of the crew are at Roosendaal-en-Nispen General Cemetery.

The crew joined 97 Squadron on 13/14th January 1944, all coming from 50 Squadron with the sole exception of Christopher Highton who came from 61 Squadron on 2nd of January - he flew some ops with another crew before joining Leader's. With the rest of "C" Flight, the crew then moved on to 635 Squadron on 19th March 1944.
All the crew were of UK nationality, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, except Leader who was in the RCAF).

Nationality: Canadian
Rank: Pilot Officer (Pilot)
Regiment/Service: Royal Canadian Air Force
Age: 21
Service No: J/19261
Additional information: Son of Arthur and Alice Leader, of Toronto, Ontario.

Rank: Sergeant (Flt. Engr.)
Age: 21
Service No: 1586996
Additional information: Son of Ernest and Ethel Rosenberg; husband of Florence May Rosenberg, of Tipton, Staffordshire.

Ernie had two siblings, a sister Pat and a brother John. His parents owned a greengrocers in London and were bombed out three times. His mother ran the greengrocers and his father worked for London Transport for 40 years.
Ernie worked in the engineering dept. of The Gas, Light and Coke Company, a very large company of power suppliers.
He was married for about 14 months before being killed, the family lost touch with his widow. She remarried 6 years later.

Ernie's ops with 97 Squadron (collected by Colin Rosenberg, his nephew) were:
15/02/44, ND355 OF-T, target: Berlin, pilot: P/O E.L.Perkins
19/02/44, JB728 OF-S, target: Leipzig, pilot: S/L J.Simpson
20/02/44, JB422 OF-N, target: Stuttgart, pilot: P/O R.A. Leader
All subsequent ops flown with P/O R A Leader
24/02/44, ND451 OF-W, target: Schweinfurt (a/c damaged by flak)
25/02/44, JB706 OF-H, target: Augsburg (aborted due to electrical failure)
01/03/44, JB728 OF-S, target: Stuttgart

Rank: Flying Officer (Nav.)
Age: 21
Date of Death: 11/04/1944
Service No: 137471
Additional information: Son of John and Ada Mary Candy, of Woking, Surrey.

Rank: Flight Sergeant (Air Bomber)
Age: 28
Service No: 1390721
Additional information: Son of William and Eliza Highton, of Gateshead, Co. Durham.
From Brian Pears:
Christopher George Wheeler "Kit" Highton was born at
 14 Cramer Street, Gateshead on 31st October 1915, the  third child of Engineering Machinist William Highton  and his wife Eliza nee Brown. Kit had five siblings  who survived infancy, Sadie, Bill, Iza, John and Tommy
 - Iza, who celebrated her 94th birthday in 2010, is the  only survivor.

Kit attended South Street School in Gateshead and passed  exams to transfer to the Central School. After school he  couldn't find work locally to suit his talents and interests  so he travelled down to London and joined the City of London  Police - he became PC 100. In 1942 Kit joined the R.A.F and  was assigned to Bomber Command. He trained near Toronto and  Winnipeg in Canada and in California and was so impressed  with California that he planned to live there after the war.
 His missions as Air Bomber included...

12 Jun 43 Bochum
  16 Jun 43 Cologne
  22 Jun 43 Mulheim
  24 Jun 43 Wuppertal
  25 Jun 43 Gelsenkirchen
  28 Jun 43 Cologne
  9 Jul 43  Gelsenkirchen
  12 Jul 43 Turin
  18 Aug 43 Hanover
  20 Oct 43 Leipzig
  22 Oct 43 Kassel
  10 Nov 43 Modane
  18 Nov 43 Berlin
  22 Nov 43 Berlin
  23 Nov 43 Berlin
  16 Dec 43 Berlin
  20 Dec 43 Frankfurt
  23 Dec 43 Berlin
  27 Jan 44 Berlin
  30 Jan 44 Berlin
  19 Feb 44 Leipzig
  20 Feb 44 Stuttgart
  2 Mar 44 Stuttgart
  11 Apr 44 Aachen
The operation information was supplied to the family in 1944 by Kit's AOC, so does not include squadron or aircraft information.

Rank: Flight Sergeant (W. Op. (Air)
Age: 27
Service No: 934272
Additional information: Son of Samuel Joseph and Jessie Lewis; husband of Daisy Lewis, of Holloway, London. 

Rank: Sergeant (Air Gnr.)
Age: 19
Service No: 1851985
Additional information: Son of Leonard and Elsie R. Tupman, of Horfield, Bristol.

Rank: Sergeant (Air Gnr.)
Age: 30
Service No: 1890267
Additional information: Son of William Henry and Florence Coulson, of Tottenham, Middlesex.

More information and photos to come on Robert Leader. However, we now also have information on Christopher ('Kit') Highton, see below, and also a photograph of Arthur Candy with Leader.
Candy on the left, Leader on the right
Kit Highton